Day 1

Wednesday, August 14

Changes to times and fields may occur however these dates are confirmed.

Tryouts will begin at 7:00am with the traditional 2-mile run at the BHS Stadium/Track
• All players must be registered in order to participate.
• All players need to bring RUNNING SHOES, as well as their cleats, shinguards, soccer ball, water bottle, etc.

• The morning field session for varsity and ALL GKs will be held in the stadium,
• The JV1, JV2 & Freshman tryout will be at FOD.

• Afternoon session for ALL FRESHMEN & JV1/JV2 – at FOD
• Afternoon session for ALL VARSITY LEVEL PLAYERS- stadium

*All players must attend the morning & afternoon sessions.

Day 2

Thursday, August 15

Make-up 2 mile run

Morning session for all players.
Freshman & JV2 will be at Field of Dreams
Varsity & JV1 will be in the stadium

Afternoon sessions for FRESHMAN, JV1 & JV2 – at FOD
Afternoon session for Varsity – in the stadium

*All players must attend the morning & afternoon sessions.

Day 3

Friday, August 16

• Morning session for JV1 & Varsity – in the stadium

• Morning session FRESHMAN teams @ FOD

• Morning session for JV2 team @ FOD

Afternoon session for JV1, JV2 and Freshman teams @ FOD (if required)

11:00am (Tentative Time)
• Varsity leaves for the Michigan Team Building Trip (will return Sunday)

*All players must attend the morning & afternoon sessions.

We have FIVE TEAMS (Varsity, JV1, JV2, Freshman Red & Freshman White) which allows us to keep nearly 100 players. On several occasions we have had as many as 140 players at tryouts, which unfortunately does mean that not all players who attend tryouts will make one of our teams. Typically, most of the players we are unable to keep are sophomores, juniors or seniors. With two freshman teams, there are usually no freshman let go at the time of cuts.

With tryouts being so competitive, it is VERY IMPORTANT that players are at all of the sessions. If anyone has a situation that cannot be avoided, please contact Coach Steib BEFORE TRYOUTS to discuss the situation as well as possible solutions.  (His email is

Please be aware that all players will complete the 2-mile run as a part of tryouts. Any players intending on being on the varsity team are expected to complete the 2-miles in 13 minutes or less.  Players who will be trying out for our other teams are expected to run the time as fast as they are able to.

Tryouts should be completed on August 16th. PLEASE NOTE that we WILL start holding team practices on Saturday, August 17th and we will also have afternoon practices on Monday, August 19th.

School begins on Monday, August 20th.  Beginning on 8/20, practices will be held after school.
Practices and games will be held daily, Monday though Saturday throughout the season.
Please make plans (for your son) to be at all sessions throughout the entire season.

Players who miss practices will not be as likely to receive playing time in games and for any players who miss repeatedly, removal from the team is also an option.

We hope this prepares everyone for our tryout process and also for a terrific season!  Get excited!  Get ready!